Resolving ambiguity - Approximate match should also be considered as value

(Neha Sheikh) #1

Hi @harinder.bommakanti, @Subrahmanyam,

For entity node, synonyms value is checked for exact match from user utterance.
Approximate match is not considered as value for entity.

Is it possible to implement changes in Bot to also consider approximate match as entity value?

Neha Sheikh

(Andy Heydon) #2

The system already does support approximate match for a list of values entity, but it all depends on how the synonyms are specified.

If each synonym is enclosed in double quotes then that is taken as an exact match - all words must be present and in that order.
But if a synonym is not quoted then the system will allow the user to be vague or less exact in their response. If the system judges that to be a clear indication then that choice is taken, or if it is ambiguous then a limited set of choices will be represented.

Also see Facing ambiguity issue with List of Values entity type

(Neha Sheikh) #3


Can you please give sample for

  1. synonyms enclosed in double quotes and
  2. synonyms without quotes

Neha Sheikh

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(Andy Heydon) #6

Your example in Multiple Value Issue - Entity node with is multi item true not behaving as expected is an example of synonyms without quotes.

It can look confusing in JSON because strings have to be inside quotes, but if you want to double quote the synonym then those strings in the array have to have explicitly escaped quotes in the string, e.g. ““these words are treated as one””

(Neha Sheikh) #7

I will try for synonyms without quotes and get back to you.

Neha Sheikh