Multiple Value Issue - Entity node with is multi item true not behaving as expected

(Neha Sheikh) #1

Hi @harinder.bommakanti, @Subrahmanyam,

I have defined one sample JSON added to context as shown:
“sampleJSON”: [
“title”: “United States”,
“value”: “US”,
“synonyms”: [
“united states”,
“title”: “John F. Kennedy International Airport”,
“value”: “JFK”,
“synonyms”: [
“John F. Kennedy International Airport”,
“New York International Airport”,

As you can see, “States” value is there in synonyms for both - US as well as JFK.
This list is used in entity node sampleEntity where entity type is List of enumerated items and it can have multiple values.

When user enters utterance containing States, the sampleEntity should have two values mapped with it - US and JFK.

But in reality, this doesn’t happen.
sampleEntity contains value JFK as shown:
“entities”: {
“sampleEntity”: [

The behavior I expect is correct.
But the Bot is not working as expected.

Please clarify.

Neha Sheikh

Resolving ambiguity - Approximate match should also be considered as value
(Andy Heydon) #2


“multi-item” means identifying several distinct entity values based on different words in the user’s utterance, not selecting several choices for the same word.

The set of choices in a List of Values should be mutually exclusive.