Problem with ambiguous entities

If I have three entities, "My Savings Account1 ", “My Savings Account2” and "My Savings Account3 " and I entered “balance of current account 1”, the bot recognizes it as “savings account1”.

I have two questions for in this case:
1 - Is this the correct behavior? If not, how can I configure the entity synonyms to achieve the correct results.
2 - It is advisable to have entities that have almost the same name?

Here is my entity definition:
displayName: ‘My Savings Account 1 … 4000’,
value: ‘xxxx4000’,
synonyms: [’“My Savings Account 1”’, ‘Savings 1’],
displayName: ‘My Savings Account 2… 3000’,
value: ‘xxxx3000’,
synonyms: [’“Savings Account 2”’, ‘Savings 2’ ],
displayName: ‘My Savings Account 3 … 0700’,
value: ‘xxxx7000’,
synonyms: [’“My Savings Account 3”’, ‘Savings 3’],

  1. Given how the entity and the synonyms have been defined then this is correct behavior. The choice is being selected based on a partial match, in this case based on “1”. To correct it then I would not allow those index numbers to be available as a partial match and they must always be qualified with another word in an exact match.
  2. It can be helpful to allow partial matches because a user may not remember everything or express themselves perfectly.

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