Node traversal - Configure loop limit for Node

(Neha Sheikh) #1

Hi @Subrahmanyam

I have been trying dynamic node traversal.
What I observed - One node can be traversed at max 5 times. After 5th traversal, if traverse to the same node again, it gives error as “Loop limit reached for node .”.

Is there a way to remove this limit or modify it for a specific node?

Neha Sheikh

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

@nehamsheikh, In case the dialog is configured to traverse through the same node by a loop, the platform does show this message and discards the dialog. The platform has enforced this so as to avoid infinite loops during dialog execution and is not configurable by the bot developer.

(Neha Sheikh) #3

Hi @Subrahmanyam,

Thanks for the reply.
I understand that this setting is to avoid infinite loop during bot execution.

But IMHO 5 is too less… We can make 5 as default max count for node traversal and then allow bot developer to configure its value.

Any work around to achieve this?

Neha Sheikh

(Andy Heydon) #4


You can explain more about what you are trying to achieve here?
Please give some example conversations that you need to support.


(Neha Sheikh) #5

Hi @andy.heydon,

I am trying to achieve dynamic node traversal.
You can follow this - Entity Connections - Dynamically specify which node to transition to

But one node can only be traversed at max 5 times, so I need to configure this value. This is by default constant and set to 5.
Any workaround to change it?

@Subrahmanyam, any work around to be added to web sdk for this?

Neha Sheikh

(Andy Heydon) #6


What I was asking about are example conversations that you are trying to model. There are situations that don’t need to follow traditional programming patterns.


(Neha Sheikh) #7

Hi @andy.heydon ,

Scenario 1:
Here is my use case which I need to achieve. I am giving dummy example similar to my requirement.
Use Case - Get value for department.
Department can be IT, Sysnet, Admin, Project.
Different consumers will have different list of departments.
Consumers -

  1. Neha can access data for IT, Sysnet
  2. Andy can access data for Admin, Sysnet
  3. Subbu can access data for Sysnet, Project, Admin, IT

Based on consumer’s applicable departments, I will traverse through entity nodes.
For Neha, I will only go to IT and Sysnet entity nodes to get data.

So I need dynamic traversal to departments.

Let me know how can we achieve this?

Also, @Subrahmanyam had suggested how can I achieve this.
You can check the same here:

Scenario 2:
Say I have one entity node “validate”.
What I need is come to this node “validate” in dialogflow again and again to check some condition.
As per my current requirement, I need to traverse to “validate” node min 8 times.
And as per current configuration supported by Bot, as soon as I come to “validate” node 5th time, bot gives error as “Loop limit exceeds for validate”

How can I resolve this?
Is there a way to increase this limit applied to node traverse count?

Please let me know.

(Andy Heydon) #8

Thank you for the clarification.
We are discussing what we can do in the short term and then longer term.

(Neha Sheikh) #9

Hi @andy.heydon,
Any update on this?

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