Node traversal - remove loop limit of 5

(Roger Davies) #1

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I need to be able to handle looping to allow integration with a backend chat server, where the user input generates a response, which requires further user input. How can this be achieved if looping is not permitted ? Unless looping is possible - and by that I mean no limit - this platform has extremely limited utility.

(Andy Heydon) #2

Roger, can you explain exactly what you want to do, please?

It is typically unusual for a single intent to continuously loop around nodes. But depending on what you are trying to achieve then there are other possibilities to structure the conversation, with follow up intents, context tags, default dialog and (as a last resort) botkit.

(Roger Davies) #3

Yes, I want to be able to setup a chat, which has dynamic content, so that the prompts come from a backend service, e.g. IBM Watson, and the user is able to then respond, and those responses also get processed by the backend service. This will allow me to use to serve multiple channels, from a single unified backend service which has the actual conversational content. This is to allow for dynamic rather than static conversations. I have this working fine, except for this loop limitation, which seems unnecessary.

(Roger Davies) #4

I should also add, that I am using BotKit, so if there is a way I can achieve this with BotKit, that would be OK also.

(Roger Davies) #5

I have it working using BotKit - I didn’t need to create any dialogs etc. that was where I was getting confused, it’s just a straightforward BotKit API now

(Andy Heydon) #6

Yes, BotKit allows you to determine the intent and force that to be invoked directly without Kore doing the intent identification step.

The loop limit serves two purposes. One as a technical protection for the platform against inadvertent or malicious coding/DDOS attacks. Secondly, conversations generally don’t keep asking the same question over and over again (e.g. “are we there yet?”), eventually you just want to move on.

In v7, you can use context tags and rules to repeat a dialog with new input.