how can we save conversation history and Genesys integration

I want help and guidance on the follwong 2 scenarios :

  1. Is there a way like how I can save the entire chat transcript of different users in my bot which could be used when we are transferring it to the live agent or something like that.
  2. Also, if we want to transfer our live agent to genesys then please provide guidance on how can we integrate it in bot.

Thanks in advance for help
Harshit Kumar


  1. You can use the conversation history API. Refer to > conversation history. You can use the get call for a particular user (you need to get the user id first) or you can use the post call for getting the conversation histories of all the users of a bot.
  2. Agent transfer is a custom integration. I do not have anything specifically for genesis but some of these links can help you. Transfer to Agent using Any platform - #2 by Raman , Transfer an IVR telephone call, Integration with Genesys Cloud