File attachment “too many tries!” message

(luis aros) #1

My bot have a dialog that ask for an image to attach, then send the image url to a web service to analyse and download it, that worked fine for a while, but now my service can’t use the image url. I can view the url only on the device that send the image, but when I try to access to the same url from another device I face the message “too many tries!”
That’s a kore security actualization? How can I use an attached image on an external service? The service needs an auth method?

(Yoga Ramya Mendu) #2

Hi @laros,

Yes, this is a security actualization from our end. Any link generated for file will be of one time usage or 5 minutes expiration.
The recommended approach to use an uploaded file in an external service is to first host the uploaded file in external storage like AWS etc, then provide the URL in the external service.

Let us know if you need any further clarification on the above.

Yoga Ramya.

(luis aros) #3

I don’t have a AWS account, but I also try with who have a service to upload a image from url and don’t work (as first time link usage). It’s posible to change the limit of link ussage to 2 times? I belive that the web chat make a request to the url by default for the attached image to be able to download from the chat when the user click it, that could explain why the url is always available to the user who send the image.


(Swagata Sengupta) #4


Apologies but it is not possible to change this to 2 times.
The URL is not actually available to user who sends the image. It is in cache. If you clear browser cache after accessing this for first time, you wont be able to access it again even as the user who sent it.
We recommend that you copy/ download the file (you may use botkit also) to another server and use/access it as per your use case.