Feedback button implementation and analysis

(Akhil Solo) #1

My goal is to achieve :

  • Feedback buttons( :+1: and :-1: )after every Bot response(FAQ’ s from Knowledge graph and any other bot response).
  • Record the user clicks on it while highlighting the feedback buttons when clicked.(the icons remain under every response and only needs to be highlighted when clicked).
  • Recording these user input(feedback) on feedback and presenting it on the Custom dashboard.(how many thumbs up and how many thumbs down)

Currently I have created quick replies for adding to each and every FAQ response, but it only achieves the feedback buttons to render but disappears when clicked on it.
I would like to know if there is a better way to achieve rather than adding manually to every response.

(Karthik Tadikonda) #2

Hi @akhilsolo59,

You actually need not configure feedback node to each and every intent or FAQ response. Instead you acheive this by configuring Naturallanguage->Default conversation->Evenhandlers->Eod od Conversation event.

There you can invoke a hidden dialog to render Feedback buttons( :+1: and :-1: ) .
Post clicking on the feed back you can actually set session level a custom met tag.
Ex: tags.addSessionLevelTag(“FeedBack”,“ThumbsUp”);

And now In the custom dashboard you can write a query to fetch the data.

You refer:


(Akhil Solo) #3


Here I have used sessions tags as shown in the above screenshot, how can i use the tags to fetch the response in the dashboard?
what exactly do I now to get the thumbs up and thumbs down data to be displayed on the dashboard.

Custom dashboard for User count and recurring users
Custom dashboard for User count and recurring users
(Karthik Tadikonda) #4

Now You have to create a widget in custom dashboard.


  1. Dataset : Analytics
  2. Select : sessionTag.Feedback, count(sessionTag.Feedback) as feedBackCount
  3. GroupBy: sessionTag.Feedback

Click on Run

On the right hand side, choose pie chart widget representation

  1. Dimensions choose - sessionTag.Feedback
  2. Metrics - feedBackCount

You can use any kind of widget type, change query upon your requirement.

Btw, FYI: As you are using sessionlevel meta tag, you will have to test from any end channel like web/mobile client, facebook etc. Not from bot builder because, session tags will not get set for interactions made from botbuilder.

Refer following posts for better understanding:

In the community question, refer to the snapshots given by one of our kore executive