WhatsApp integration

Do we have a list of business partners that we can use (like Twilio) because I can only see Infobip on the list.

As of now, in self-service mode, only infobip is supported.
Other providers may be supported on special implementation through our professional services team and platform engineering based on which customer (paid enterprise or free) it is being implemented for. Please reach out to your partner manager or to sales@kore.com


It there some freeware of Infobip that we can use for development purposes? Or do we need a license from the start of the development?

Thank you.

I think this is better answered by Infobip :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, we do not have any control over them. They are a third party.

Hi Swagata,

I am trying to integrate WhatsApp with Kore.ai.
I have created free account in Infobip.
After login , It is not as per documentation.
I can not see assign number in user profile. Also I cant find any place where I can place webhook url.
Please help