Unable to Call Smart Assist using Agent to Transfer Activity of Kore AI

Hi Kore AI Team,

I was trying use the Agent to Transfer feature from Kore AI Builder which take my request to Smart Assist (In Real-time: Agent). Here are step which i have followed,

  1. I have added by designed Bot in Smart Assist - Automation ->Add Bot → Attached a bot from Library->Imported the Bot Designed of Kore AI ( Finquiry Customer Query Resolver)

Do we really need **BotKit SDK & NGROK ** to a acheive this task ?

Could you please me this detailed Steps to Established connection between Kore AI (Agent To Transfer) to Smart Assist.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @jayavignesh.g1 ,

Thank you for reaching out to Kore.ai Community
Please refer to the below community post already available for Established connection between Kore AI (Agent To Transfer) to Smart Assist.

Thank you,
Srujan Madderla
Kore.ai Community Team

I have already added the bot into the Smart Assist through attach a bot from library. Currently I was for the Callback URL on Custom (BotKit) Channel ?
Please find the below steps which I have followed to transfer the call with Agent,

  1. Imported the designed bot from Kore AI Builder to Smart Assist

[Note: I was facing the below error/warning message on the Dialog flow where I invoked the Agent to Transfer feature/activity.

Error/Warning Code: There are no agent systems configured to handoff the conversation. To enable, visit Build → Integrations → Agent Transfer]

So, I have tried to configure the Custom (BotKit) which is under Agent Transfer (Integration) but we are not able to find the Callback URL.

  1. Agent an into the Smart assist under (Configuration → Users). Do we need many any other changes in the Smart Assist Console other than basic configuration ?

Thanks in advance,