Transfer Chat to Agent

(Reni Sweta) #1

Hi Team,

I need help on transferring the chat to the agent. I am new in this topic.

So my query is to transfer the chat to the live agent do we need to have an existing chat application.

Or provide a way to create the chat application for the live agent.

I would need help on this as soon as possible.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

Hi @renisweta1094 , below are some use cases for which enterprises do look out for user conversations routing to live agents from bot.

  1. Intents not identified by the bot.
  2. Sentiment Analysis information (based on message tone and dialog tone)
  3. End User explicitly says that he would like to talk to a customer support representative.
  4. The troubleshooting (as configured at the bot at dialog) performed by the bot didn’t help resolve the end users issue and needs to be looked into by a support executive.

Agent transfer to live chat application can be achieved on using bot kit. Enterprise developer needs to have any live chat application (If a chat application is not present at the enterprise, can even offer the same - sales team can guide you through this) which can be configured at bot kit.

On the bot builder, the agent transfer has to be enabled at apps and extensions. Then during the execution of any dialog when the agent node is reached, an event will to be sent to botkit at which developer could define his logic on routing it the agents.

Below are some botkit functions which could help developer achieve agent transfer.

  • sdk.startAgentSession -> Starting the conversation with the live agent from bot
  • sdk.clearAgentSession -> Clearing the agent session and routing the conversation to the bot again from agent
  • sdk.getMessages -> Retrieving the chat history between bot and the user
  • sdk.sendUserMessage -> Sending user a message from kit
  • sdk.getSavedData -> Retrieving temp info from redis
  • sdk.saveData -> Saving temp in redis

In the botkit available at , we have provided LiveChat.js and LiveChatAPI.js which guide the developer on the integration process with a Live Chat app. (We have used for demonstration purposes)

Hope this helps :slight_smile: