[Standard Response] There are more than one account for the user to pick from

(Kuri) #1

Sometimes, I encounter this standard response when testing the bot using the bot builder.

I encounter this when i use the “Test” function of a Service node.

Is there a way to logout the sessions/accounts?

(Swagat) #2

Can you please elaborate little more on your bot set up?
If you type manage account while talking to bot do you see something that may cause this?

(Kuri) #3

Thanks for the reply.

My bot is connecting to a ‘Get accounts’ service which uses Oauth2 authorisation code and it is always prompting me which account to use whenever the service is called.


Get accounts service:

The bot recognizes “manage account” as a “View account” intent.

Another problem that I encountered is that when I choose one of the options (“Classic d c ( prod)1587709232936 Account - active”), the bot recognized it as a “View Account” intent. I have temporarily added “Classic d c ( prod)1587709232936 Account - active” to the negative patterns. Is here a better way to do this?


(Karthik Tadikonda) #4

Hi @pastapareo,

  1. Enter ‘manage profile’ or ‘manage account’ .
  2. You will be given with the link. Just click on it.
  3. All the idp profiles which have been created for you will be displayed. Make sure you only have one active profile and delete rest.

FYI: If more than one profile is seen, it shows this kind of ambiguity. If no profile is there, then it asks for authorisation anyways.