Set up agent Transfer from kore bot to smart assist

Hi, I am currently trying to configure agent transfer to connect with smartassist from my kore bot. I have read the old documentations where we can set up agent transfer to chat with live agent in LiveChat using botkit. But I cannot find any documentation on how to set up bot agent transfer to chat with smartassist. Can someone help me with any documentation or instructions on how to set this up?

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If you have integrated the bot with SmartAssist i.e, convert the bot to Smart Assist bot (Introduction to Bots – SmartAssist) you should be able to configure the channels for agent transfer (Agent Transfer – SmartAssist)

These documents should help you with the implementation of the required usecase. Let us know if you have any more questions.

Hi sameera, Thank You for the reply,
What if I haven’t integrated the bot with SmartAssist? Is there possibility to integrate the agent transfer to SmartAssist using botkit like in the following tutorial?

I have a bot created using kore ai and hosted in my localhost. I’m trying to connect this bot’s agent transfer to smart assist.

Hello @shennayake ,

As of now the only effective way to connect to smartassit agent is to convert the bot to a smartassist bot.

We have discussed this requirement with our product team to be considered for a further enhancement.

Hello @sameera.tumuluri

After it is already a smartassist bot, the only way to make an agent transfer is if experience flows are created? I currently have the same question, because I have a bot with custom messages for a webhook channel, and when changing to the smartassist webhook channels I lose all the message configurations that belong to the bot channel, in addition to this I also lose some BotUserSession variables to which I no longer have access.

It seems important to me to have documentation of what happens when you already have a bot that has its own channels, configurations (and years in production) and then in the future you turn it into a smartassist bot, the analytics, configured messages, session variables are affected.

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Hello @edson.garcia ,

If an already existing bot is converted to smartassist, you will see new channels added (audiocodes and AgentAssist {webhook}) but the existing channels or channel specific prompts should not have been impacted.

You will definitely need to set up a flow if you want to initiate the bot, however, depending on how the flow is setup you can use BotUserSession variables. The documentation Script Nodes, Call Flows, and Agent Utils – SmartAssist should be helpful.

Let us know if there are any further questions.