Send email from chatbot

(Peu Dutta) #1

I need to send chat history to the user by email, is that possible in platform. Can you please share an example for sending email to the user with chat history.


(Yoga Ramya Mendu) #2

Hi @peu.dutta,

Please refer the following community post to send an email from the bot:

Also, to get the chat history, kindly refer the following:

Let us know if you need any further clarification on the above.

Yoga Ramya.

(Peu Dutta) #3

Thank you for your response. I am not able to access the post “integrating with gmail from service node”, can you please provide the response from that post. Thank you.

(nisa) #5

hey ,I have implemented this in my chatbot …I can help you with this

All you need to do is create a sendgrid account create an API key .
At you service node header give key as Authorization and value as Bearer *your api key,
at the body just copy paste the personalization format for a email.
You can refer @Subrahmanyam post for integrating a gmail through service node

(Swagata Sengupta) #6