Integrating with gmail using service node

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I want to send a mail from the chat bot after all the data has been collected from the end user , but I am not able to do it using the gmail api , it is asking for lot of authentications and I am not able to hit gmail . can you please help me how to set this up to send a mail with all users enterd details to a particular gmail id from chatbot.

The platform doesn’t offer any public API to send email. You would need to create a service or get the service from any third party provider.

Most services offered by third parties would need an auth mechanism to access their resources.

I had a look at Gmail API documentation and I see that both Oauth2.0 and API key are supported for their send API. Please refer to their documentation at below link and have the service configured at a service node on the bot builder.

@m.satish512 Could you please assist @ritikasingh here?

I am not able to find any solution for integrating with gmail and the document shared is okay but still I m not able to do it. please any one can help me with any sample.

@ritikasingh Please refer to the below configuration which might provide an insight in building your use case. In this example I have used the sendgrid api for emailing the contact details.



Details on sendGrip account which talks about using their emailAPI (Auth, URL, Method and payload )


Screenshots of run time execution of the dialog ‘Contact Us’ which sends a email to the recipient as configured at the service node ‘sendGridAPI’



emailerror1 emailerror2

Internally it is working fine from test part of the service node but from chat to bot part it is discarding the task. Please Help.

Please provide the details of your dialog configuration. Do provide the screenshots of transition rules at each node (to and from sendGridmail service node in particular) and the response you have received when the API is called during the dialog execution.

You could even send over the bot/ dialog export to, our support team will have the issue debugged.

this works fine in cmd and i get mail too but when I try to make a post call through service it gives unauthorized.Error 401.

The above issue is solved now .

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I have few query -:

  1. what you have write under service in
  2. SendGrid is paid service ?
  3. How to configure sendGrid API with

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