Pass parameter from C# api to api


I want to pass user location from C# API to API along with question text.

Currently I am following below steps,

  • Generate a token
  • Call the API - chatbot/hooks/st-XXXXXXXXXXXXX & pass the payload as below.

{ “message”: {
“text”: “Get weather today” },
“from”: {
“userInfo”: {
“firstName”: “ABC User”,
“lastName”:“ABC Last Name”,
“mergeIdentity” :true

How can I pass customData in this payload & receive it on bot site? Once I have location I can call the weather service specific to that location. Currently I am getting blank value for firstName on side.

Sample prompt message for Entity00 {{context.session.UserContext.firstName}} FFFFERERER EEEE YYY

Please help.


Hi @mehul,

You can pass the customData from webSDK and use it in the bot flow internally.

Please refer the following documentation links:

Let us know if you need any further clarification.

Yoga Ramya