Multiple entity selection

(Reni Sweta) #1

I am not able to select the multiple items from the entity of type enumerated.
I need to select the more then one items form the buttons and then submit it and then i can procced .
I need help in that please help me in that case.

(Madhu) #2

Hello @renisweta1094 Have you enabled ‘Is Multiselect’ within the entity settings?

Ideally, you should be able to provide multiple values.

The platform is looking for the values before it moves to the next node. Now, if the user utterance has one, we take that and move ahead in the dialog, if the user utterance has multiple, then we capture all.

(Reni Sweta) #3

Hi Madhu,

Yes I have enabled the multiSelect Option . after enabling also it does not give multiple selection option.
When I clicked on one button it moves further it does not wait to click for other option.

Have you tried the mutiselect option ever and if it works for you please help me . I need this.

(Madhu) #4

Hello Sweta,

Once the platform has found one value, it will not wait for filling more values in the same entity.
As the entity is multi value, it can be one or multi.

You can add more steps asking if the user wants to add more values and then loop until the user wants to move to the next step in the conversation.

(Reni Sweta) #5

Dear Madhu,

can we make a check-boxes for the multiple selection. OR do you have any other way in which we can make a check box to select the multiple value together and pass them to the bot .

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(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #6

Hi @renisweta1094, the default templates which the platform offers (Button, quick replies etc) wouldn’t allow the user to select multiple items and then pass the payload back to the bot.

However, you could create your own custom template to support the use case.
To achieve this, developer need to configure the customTemplate.js and customTemplate.css at the webSDK. Include the dependencies in the index.html.
Then, at user prompt of entity node, developer could configure the channel specific override for web/mobile client to send the needed template to the client using adv JS editor.

Please refer to below the section " How to handle custom templates" at for more details.

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(Reni Sweta) #7

Thanks Subrahmanyam,

But can you help me in defining the my own custom template. Can you give an example how can i create my own custom template. for example for a radio button or for a check-boxes any other which is not in your default templates that provide in this link.

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