List Template - URL redirection and View More

(Sujan Nellikkandi) #1

Hi Team,

I have developed a BOT which will integrate with google and return the search result in List view.
I have used List Template to display the search result in the BOT.


  1. Showing only 3 element in the List .
  2. Reloading the same content if i click “View More” button
  3. will auto added to the URL if i click the link from the List View. Hence always
    getting page not found instead of actual search page.

Kindly let me know any additional scripting is required to solve issues.

Best Regards,


(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

@sujan.cybermak, The "View More " options appears to the user at the buttons of List Template based on the length of elements array.
We limited it to display a max of 3 elements by default and to show the “View More” options if the elements are more than 3.
This template at “Talk to bot” cannot be altered as this is the webSDK which we have hosted on the bot builder.

However, if you are using the webSDK channel and have either hosted it somewhere or even running locally, updated the logic based on you requirement at chatwindow.js file of webSDK.

Below code snippet is for your reference at chatwindow.js file of webSDK .


Alternatively, you could even create a custom template for webSDK to present rich interactive messages to user . Refer to the below links for more details.