Issue with Proactive notification in Slack channel


I was trying to use the Proactive Notification feature of the Chat Bot on Slack. I trigger the notification using the Proactive Notification API Call.

When I check the status using the Proactive Notification Status API, it says failure with the following error "comments": "‘Identity is not associated with the channel’".

The body of the Proactive Notification API is:
“channel”: “slack”,
“userIdentityType”: “resolve”,
“message”: {
“type”: “text”,
“val”: “Message from external system!!”
“identities”: [

I have created an App in the bot with the required permissions as well to make the API call.
I have also created a Slack channel in the bot and configured it according to the documentation. Along with it I have enabled Proactive notification in the Configuration and followed steps in the Slack set-up as well. The bot is published.

The bot works well within Slack, just that the proactive notification feature is not working.

Could you help me with the same.

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Hello Rahul,

  1. Please follow all the steps mentioned in the documentation. Attached here for reference
  2. Please enable the proactive app from the bot builder scope.
  3. You have to make a small change in step 2. Please make sure to add all the below-mentioned scopes in Path: Oauth & Permissions >> Scopes >> Bot token scopes


  • ‘incoming-webhook’
  • ‘chat:write’
  • users:read

We have tested the proactive notification at our end and observed working fine. Here attaching is the proof for your reference.

Sending notification via API:

Slack Channel:

Status API:

Finally, publish the bot after the necessary changes to make proactive notification works. Please share your feedback and let us know if you are still facing the issue.

Thanks & Regards
Ramana Murthy

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can i know how to add the proactive notification to msteams channel

Hello Priya,

Please find the documentation link for your reference.

Please let me know if you can see any challenges while configuring proactive notifications.

Ramana Murthy

iam getting 401 un authorised error when trying what to do

Hello Priya,

Can you please create a support ticket with all the necessary information for our review? Reach us at

I am getting below issue while using this proactive notification API:

Notification not sent to user:

Please provide help on this

Please review the below step:

Please make sure to add all the below-mentioned scopes in Path: Oauth & Permissions >> Scopes >> Bot token scopes subjected to slack developed portal.


  • ‘incoming-webhook’
  • ‘chat:write’
  • users:read

Please let me know if you still observing the issue.

I am sorry that I forgot to mention I am using it for MS Teams bot. If you have any solution regarding MS teams bot, then please let me know.

Hi @ramana.palaparti ,
any update on above?