Informational Post: How to make a DTMF output from kore to another IVR systems

The use case if something like this: Kore makes an outbound voice call, and it is transferred to an external IVR system, the bot has to navigate through a IVR flow which supports only DTMF inputs unlike platform, to talk to an agent. Here’s a template that can be used simulate a DTMF output from Kore using channel override.

Please do channel override as Audiocodes as channel in botbuilder at any node with the template below:

var message ={
"activities": [
  "type": "event",
  "name": "sendDtmf",
  "activityParams": {
    "dtmfDigits": "12345*#"      },
"id": new Date().getTime() + 200,
"timestamp": new Date().toISOString()