How to successfully effect the deleted KG in the published version?

I had the same experience as

I followed the correct sequence of steps. However, when I re-Published the bot again, as I am already sure that the KG element/question was already deleted, it would seem that the “published” version still have that KG element stuck. It is giving an ambiguity response. I do not know what to make of this behavior at all.

Kindly advise.


Hello @sheela.dimayuga ,

Glad to have you back!! :smiley:

For the issue with KG deletion, check out if there are any console errors observed when publishing the bot. Please share that info to help investigate further.

Hi @sameera.tumuluri - Thanks you for the quick response. I sent a separate note to kore support, and your dev team are already looking into it. I guess it is indeed a platform issue. We’re now waiting for the resolution or patch to be deployed.