How to Capture Start date and end date in voice

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How to capture start date and end date using single entity node in voice or any other way to handle it

can any one suggest

Hi @sachin ,

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You can capture start and end dates using a single entity node by creating a composite entity. A composite entity allows you to group multiple entities together into a single entity.

Create two separate entities for start date and end date.

let us take an example, you can name them StartDate and EndDate

then create a new composite entity that will represent the range of dates.
You can name it as DateRange .

In the composite entity, add the StartDate and EndDate entities as sub-entities and train your model with various training phrases that involve date ranges.

In the node where you want to capture the date range, set the entity to be captured as DateRange

now when the user provides input with a date range, bot should be able to extract both the start and end dates as part of the composite entity.

For more information on using Composite Entity, please refer to the below documentation

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Srujan Madderla Community Team

@srujan.madderla There is no Date Range for this and please share example