Export Dialog Tasks to CSV file please

It would be extremely helpful to be able to do the following in the Dialog Tasks section:

  1. Export all of the Dialog Tasks to a CSV file.

This is an important feature to me and I imagine to others. It would allow bot owners to manage their content and the administration of their content much more easily. For example, we have hundreds of intents which are owned by multiple different functional teams within HR. Having the ability to export these bot tasks on a regular basis for our end users would allow us to keep track of our inventory of content more easily, and parse it out to each of the functional areas for regular review and updates based on the column headers (more on that in point #2)

  1. Allow us to add custom tags/column headers so we can filter/sort and tag how it makes sense to us. Right now I am repurposing the ‘description’ column to assign the functional area so we can categorize our intents that way. I would like to add more columns to categorize and manage the administration of these tasks right within botbuilder. For example, I’d add a column like ‘Next Review Date’ and could sort and see at a glance which intents are coming up for review or auditing.

The problem I have is that we have intents in the KG (which we can export to CSV, thankfully), and also in Dialog tasks (where we cannot export their names/attributes to CSV.) It is time consuming to pull together the full picture of our inventory/library, and manage the content review and analysis given these limitations.

Hello @StacyJPelletier :smiley:,

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Thank you for your feedback. We have taken this request to our product team. It will be taken up if and when feasible.