Error: Routing failure - Error routing user to Agents


When I am trying to connect with agent in smart assist its showing me an error like this (Error: Routing failure - Error routing user to Agents). I have used automation node in experience flow.

And also I am not able to see any bot when I attach a bot from Library option.

Can any one help me with this ?


Hello @varun.bingi

Glad to have you back!! :smiley: Answering your queries:

Bot not showing in Library option

If the bot is published, then it should show in the Library unless it is already linked. From the screenshot we a different screen for the case where no bots are available.

Routing failure error

This issue should have been fixed by now. Test, and if the issue still persists, add setQueue node in the flow after start. Choose the configuration accordingly and you will no longer see the error.

Hope this helps!!