Enter Entity Value multiple times in a session.

(Priyanshu shukla) #1

A simple use case is given of calculator is given.

step 1: Input 2 Numbers in Entity 1 & Entity 2.
step 2: Take entity 3 & check
if Entity 3 =1, perform addition,
if Entity 3= 2, perform subtraction,
if Entity 3= 3, perform multiply,
if Entity 3=4, perform divide
if entity 3= 5, end of dialog
Step 3: after performing any operation, go to step 2 & ask for the Entity 3 input.

Here in this case, once all nodes perform operation, but after step 3, when control goes step 2, it automatically reads the previously entered value.
How we can give the new value to Entity 3 in every loop?

(Yoga Ramya Mendu) #2

Hi @priyanshuwwg,

You can add a script node before Entity 3 to empty if there are any previous values present.
Please refer the following post, where we have added a “deleteEntity” script node to delete the previously given values in an entity.

Let us know if you need any further clarification on the above.

Yoga Ramya.