Dynamic Digital form

Hello Experts,

We have a requirement to accept the user input and i guess best way is digital form.

However, user can enter multiple inputs required one after another.

Also, need to show dropdown list with values received from API data.

Is it possible to have text field in such a way that new field can appear once the data is entered.

@amit.bansal Please read Dynamically assign data in a digital form
There is a feature request for supporting the dynamic population of digital form components. It is planned to be rolled out later this year.

@swagata.sengupta i had read that article before, so using below syntax, will be able to prefill the form with dropwdown values or not?

Not yet. Prefill।works for only text field. For list it can pre-select an existing static value but cannot “create”the entire drop down.
This feature is in the roadmap.