Dynamically assign data in a digital form

Hello, I am working with digital forms and I have these two cases to assign the data in the elements.
1- Consult a service and add the information returned in the components, specifically a list. Example: I invoke a service that returns country names and I want to add those country names to the Dropdown element of the digital form.
2- The user in the conversational flow enters information that is stored in context variables and must be assigned in the elements of the form. Example: the user indicates his name and the name of the user should be displayed in the text field or a label.
Is it possible to dynamically assign information to elements of digital forms?
Thanks for your support.


This is the update I got on a separate ticket.

Digital forms is still beta and has not been made dynamic yet to use context values.
This will be an upcoming feature.

Thank you very much, if you know of any information, I will be grateful if you share it here.

There is a workaround here.
Please refer to the usage of context.prefillForms.