Difference between using the web sdk and the html code to publish our bot on a website

If by using the above code I can publish the bot in my web page. But the documentation tells me to use the web sdk. Are there any difference or advantages of using one method over another?

Dear @rahul1.sinha ,

Thank you for posting the query.

The embedding of the HTML Code is the same as the chat window in the platform bot builder. It is an inbuilt WebSDK setup. WebSDK Channel customizations are not possible with this option.

Whereas, downloading the WebSDK setup and customizing it as per your need and publishing is completely different. If you want to have a custom UI for the chat window on your applications/websites, you can download the WebSDK setup and modify the Chat Window as per your requirements and host the channel for public use.

Provided documentation links here - How can I embed the Bot in my web page?

Let us know if you have additional queries.

Kore.ai Community Team