How can I embed the Bot in my web page?

I used the web sdk to publish my bot on a webpage and this is what I got.

When I click the icon the chat window open up

But what I wanted was to embed the chat window in the webpage itself like this

My goal is to create a web page like this

Can I get some guidance on how to achieve it?

Dear @rahul1.sinha ,

Thank you for posting a query.

Kindly confirm if you have already followed our documentation that talks about WebSDK Setup in the platform below:

  • In the above link, there is a deployment option where you can copy the code to embed WebSDK Channel in your application pages.

  • In case you want to have a customized WebSDK setup, you can use Download SDK link to download, set up, and configure the Web/Mobile SDK using the prebuilt SDK libraries.

Regards, Community Team

Yes, I have followed it successfully. But as you can see in the image it produces an bot icon at bottom right corner of the page clicking which opens the chat bot.

What I want is for the chatbot to be embedded in the webpage like the last image.

@rahul1.sinha ,

Kindly try adding a new script tag to trigger the chat icon click and validate:

//add this line
KoreSDK.dependencies.jQuery('.kore-chat-window .messages').trigger('click');

Regards, Community Team