Deleting an agent Admin from Agent configurations in SmartAssist

Hi Everyone,

This article explains the steps to delete an agentAdmin from the agent list in Smartassist.

Consider (agentAdmin) as the email ID that we are gonna delete now.

  • In the Smartassist, while adding as an agent, you must have assigned the agent to a group.
  • That will be the Original group of the agent where you can delete them.
  • Prior to that deletion step, you need to make sure that the agent is not assigned as a manager in any other groups available.
  • If is mentioned as agentAdmin/manager in any group*(You can recognize this by the crown icon against the name of the agent in that group agent’s list),* click on the “Edit icon” against the group name >> under Managers >> delete Tina from the list of managers.

  • Now, go to the group in which the agent is available i.e., the group into which the agent has been added while creation.
  • In that group, click on the edit icon against the agent name and you can observe the “Delete agent” option.

Note: Please make sure that the agent is deleted from the managers list in all the other groups.