Deactivate voice recognition and activate the keyboard

Hello, I would like to know if you know how to activate only the keyboard and keep the voice recognition disabled in an entity?

Since DTMF tones (the dual tones generated by the phone keyboard) are inside the voice response, I don’t believe you can turn off the voice input. I have had success by instructing the caller to “please enter the response using your telephone keypad”. It won’t prevent them from speaking the number, but it reduces the likelihood that they will. FYI…I have found that some entities collected using voice can contain unexpected “blank spaces” between digits. As a best practice, I collect the entity and then use a REGEX script to remove all unwanted spaces before using the collected value in another node.
Hope this helps.

Thank you very much, if I used a regex I removed the spaces and also if it says letters interspersed between the numbers I removed them, but sometimes the bot misinterprets the numbers placing them in text and not in numbers for example (four) and not (4) causing errors and I have already changed the processor and the one that so far has been the best of all is the MIcrosoft Azure, but to avoid that if I wanted to know if there was someone who knew about this

What entity type are you using to capture the input? Have you tried using something other than string? What is the prompt you are giving the user to capture the value? If you can share more details, I’ll test in my bot and give some recommendations on how to avoid this situation.