Custom dashboard for User count and recurring users

I want to create a custom dashboard on the count of users that have had a conversation with the Bot on a daily basis(bot type is anonymous), and also want to know if we can the count or recurring users along with the total count. I would like it to be on a graph with X and Y axis.

  • First could you let me know on how to create a dashboard and the metrics to be configured to get the count of users on a daily basis.
  • How can we also know the new users that chat with the bot and recurring users and show them in a custom dashboard.

Refer to this post:

Here I want to know the unique user count(no.of users who have texted the bot and not the no. of conversations) on a daily basic and the users that have already texted the bot and are coming for the second time.

  1. A dashboard that displays the unique users(new users, not conversations) that chat with the bot on a daily basic
  2. The no. of users who chat with the bot on a daily basis(new and recurring users and not conversation count).
  3. The no.of users who are coming back to the bot for the second.


Per our discussion on call, this required complex configuration. Please reach out to the concerned team as recommended.