Configuring WhatsApp outbound messages with Interactive Reply buttons using and Infobip

This article guides you through sending WhatsApp messages with Interactive buttons using’s XO platform and Infobip as the messaging provider.

The Challenge:

Integrating Interactive buttons into your WhatsApp messages through requires crafting the message in a specific format for Infobip’s API.

The Solution:

Here’s what you need to know for interactive button message.

The name of the property in response body to indicate infobip API to be used, is “infobipWhatsAppMessageEndpoint”.


In the JSON message we should include only the properties of “content”.

Reference Documentation:

That means, for the above request body of Infobip API, Kore response from message/entity node should be like below.

const message = {

"infobipWhatsAppMessageEndpoint": "/whatsapp/1/message/interactive/buttons",

"body": {


"text": "Some text"

"action": {

"buttons": [


"type": "REPLY", `` "id": "1",


"type": "REPLY",

"id": "2",

"title": "No"




"footer": {

"text": "Footer"




Important Note:

  • acts as a bridge to deliver your message using Infobip’s API.
  • does not maintain the documentation or templates related to any third party.
  • In this case, Infobip defines the message template structure, we suggest referring to their documentation for comprehensive guidance on formatting the Content section for various functionalities like buttons and elements.

Information Source/Credits - Mahesh Pulle.