Article: How to Change the Phrase "Talk to Bot"

This article provides steps for changing the phrase “Talk to Bot"“

Problem Statement:
How to Change the Phrase “Talk to Bot”

Reference Screenshot:

This customization is possible through the use of the WebSdk.

Follow these steps to successfully change the “Talk to Bot” phrase:

Access the Official WebSdk Documentation:
Begin by referring to the official documentation of the WebSdk.
This documentation provides in-depth insights into various customization options available for the chat widget.

Please Click Here to refer the official Documentation of WebSdk

Locate the Relevant JavaScript Code:
The customization we seek involves adjusting JavaScript properties.
Navigate to the specific section in the WebSdk where the chat window scripts are defined.

The direct link to the relevant code snippet is provided below: Chat Window JavaScript - Line 1700

Modify the JavaScript Property:
The modification involves changing the default text in the JavaScript code snippet.
You can experiment with different phrases or terms based on your application’s context or terms based on your application’s context.

Check the Results:
After making the necessary changes, test the chat widget on your platform.
Ensure that the modifications align with your expectations and that the new phrase is appropriately reflected in the user interface.