Article:Configuring Service Node API Call Limit

Applicable only for On Premise Instances:

This Article contains details regarding the API call limit for the service node and instructions on how to configure the limit size within the platform.

#Problem Statement#
When a service node API is invoked within an iteration, it halts after 21 calls, leading to user errors.

The platform generates the following error:
“Maximum limit reached for the service node.

By default, the platform has a loop limit set at 20.
Users can modify this limit by following these steps:

  1. Include the following flag:
  • VnodeLifetime = "Desired Number"
  1. Place this flag in the cs_init.txt file, which can be found in the ChatScript folder across all ChatScript servers within the respective environment.

  2. After adding this flag, users must restart the ChatScript servers.

Adjusting this setting by increasing the node loop limit with the specified flag will not adversely impact the performance of other components;
It solely allows users to customize this setting.