16 digit voice input recognition issues

Hi Team,
We are trying validate a user through 16 digit passcode using SmartAssist and are facing the following challenges (using twillio):

  1. The 16 digits uttered by the user is not getting recognized by the bot correctly
  2. The bot is hearing window gets timed out and user is not able to enter the complete 16 digits.
    Is there a way, we can overcome the above 2 challenges?
    Thanks in advance

Hello @ssachidananda :smiley:,

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If you are using Flows, you will have to use the IVR Digit Input node to capture the input. In the configuration settings of that node you can set the max digit length and ending keypress. This will allow the bot to capture the digits before the # or * as the input value.


Hope this helps!!! Let us know if you have any more questions.

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