You do not have access to this bot

(Roger Davies) #1

I have a bot working, and published for anonymous access. I install in Slack and Telegram, and in both cases get a message “You do not have access to this bot.” Where would this access be defined, I don’t see any option for granting access.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

@roger Could you please check and confirm if the channels are published as well for approval and they are approved at the bot on bot admin console?

You could quickly verify this by accessing the published version of the bot on bot builder and accessing the channels section. If the channels Slack and telegram are listed there, then the channel should have been published and available for public use.

(Roger Davies) #3

Yes, confirmed that it’s published, but still get the same response.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #4

Can you please share your bot with for further analysis?
@ajay.putti @swagatasengupta

(Swagat) #5

We have seen similar issues in past and one of the reasons was incorrect JWT/ app. Please use the right app (client id/ secret) to generate JWT as needed for channel integration. The app using with the channel was last published has to be used for establishing communication.

Note - If the app was created by some other developer, you may not be able to see it (right now it is a usability issue). You may need the developer to sign in to Kore platform and give you the right app details.

(Roger Davies) #6

How can I share it ?

I’ve checked everything, but cannot see what is wrong. I am using BotKit, and testing this via the bot builder, and all is OK, but I cannot get it to connect via any other channel. It’s also giving errors when I try to register via Slack, which I had done previously, but then removed it to go back to basics. Perhaps something in the account configuration is not right ?

(Swagat) #7

You will need to go to admin console and add as a developer in your account.
Then you will need to add it as a developer in the right bot.

While troubleshooting, we may need to re-publish the bot/ change the app. You can change it back if you want post we test it.

(Roger Davies) #8

Is it possible to reset my account - - the issues looks like something wrong with the account. I have setup another account on a different email and it works just fine - the problem appears to be that the bot is not deployed. On the account that is working, I see the bot deployed in the “Consumer Bots” section of the admin console, but in the account with the error I see " No approved consumer bots yet" - it looks like the deployment is not working properly, even though in the bot builder it does say it is deployed.

(Swagat) #9

This would mean bot was not published. Do you see “published” against each task in the bot when you select “Published” on the top in bot builder? Did you try publishing again with a different channel?

There is no option currently to delete your account.