Widget SDK Channel does not work

Hello together,

I’m new to Kore.ai and have a problem with my Bot after publishing via the Widget/SDK-Channel. I added some Panels and Widgets to my bot, and in the Bot Builder in the Digital View/Test-section all the widgets work fine. After I published the bot, there are no widgets available, only the rest of the bot, when I access the Bot via Weblink. When I had a look at the Digital View, the status of all panels and widgets is “in Development” and not “published” as for the Dialog Tasks after publishing the bot.

The Client-App is the same for webchannel and widget channel (the Bot has only one App).

And the very crazy thing: I worked a few weeks ago on another Bot for the Kore.ai Advanced Training, added to this Bot Panels and Widgets too, and few weeks ago it worked fine, but know I had a look on it, there aren’t any widgets any more when accessing via Link, and there ist the same as in my current bot, the status of the panels/widgets is “in Development” instead of “published”.

Does anyone know how to resolve the problem? Thanks in advance.

Hello @stephanie.knecht-thu ,

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Check out the below post and ensure the setup for widget SDK has been implemented correctly.

Hello and thanks for your advice.

The SDK is configured correctly. I can invoke the Bot on localhost with the address http://localhost:3000/UI/Index_widgets_chat.html and then the Widgets are shown and working fine, as you can see here:

But when I invoke the published Bot via the given weblink, only the chatbot without the widgets are available as you can see here. The widget channel is published too and the Client-App for the webchannel is the same as for the widget/sdk-channel.

I really do’t know why this happened. Before Version 9.2 I had no trouble with that.

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