Why is recognizing the utterance in the MLD but not in the Ranking and Resolver


I’m creating a Spanish bot, and I already defined 200 utterance for a task, I already trained the chatbot but is not recognizing the utterance.

When I test them in the utterance testing, the NLP Analysis says that it MLD recognize the task but the Ranking and Resolver says Not Match Found and thats for all the intentions.

Note: Is an Spanish Chatbot

The most common reason for this is because the basis for the ML match is based on a verb only, and that is not considered sufficient. I can’t tell for sure from these screen shots.

Typically you will need to add more training to cover the utterance variations.

Hello @andy.heydon, Thanks so much for your response.

We are seeing this issue since we start working with Kore that utterances in Spanish are not being recognize and instead we have to work with patterns and traits, but as the documentation says defined all the utterance as you can and only use patterns for tune the intelligence.

We have been testing and it recognize the utterance doing one of this two solutions:

  1. Create the chatbot from the scratch in spanish and import the utterances
    2.- Create the chatbot in english and then enabled the spanish language and start defining utterances in the platform.

Here are some other examples from the chatbot that we created in spanish and defined the utterance

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Hello @daniel ,

Update for the last question has been shared in post.