When using a table in the message node report, is it correct that there are only 10 rows?

Hello kore.ai community

While looking to download or display DB data, I found the report of the message node.

After performing all tasks, I checked and found that it was working well.
However, we have identified an issue where data cannot be displayed when the number of data exceeds 10.
When there are more than 10, the pages are not distinguished and the number of reports does not increase. The content is not displayed in csv or pdf either.

Please tell me a solution for this
thank you

Hi @minkyu.jo92 ,

We infer from your post that you are displaying data from DB in message reports.
If yes, please send us the related screenshots of the reports configuration.
Also, let us know which type of message report you are using.

Yoga Ramya

Hello yogaramya.mendu

I discovered that the problem was my problem. I solved the problem and confirmed that more than 10 tables appeared.

But I have an additional question.

  1. While looking at the Doc, I found a report that action was possible just like a digital form.
  1. Variables are not included in offset in the Data Table function of the Service node.

Fortunately, many of the limit numbers are larger than 50 in the API, so I set it to 200, but I have a question about what the maximum limit number is or how variables can be included in the offset.

Hi @minces92,

Please find the responses inline for your queries:

1- The two documentation links that you mentioned in the above post are related to Action and information tasks which have been deprecated in v8.0.

2- Would you want to provide value to the parameter “offset” through a context variable?

Yoga Ramya

Hello yogaramya.mendu

Thank you for passing on the information about number 1.
For number 2, I created a context variable and created a loop to automatically increase it. I also tried putting it in {{}} in the offset field and just putting it in, but neither of them worked properly.

thank you


As this post is above the message node report and that is solved.
We request you to create a new post for the data-table API offset value issue for better tracking.
Please attach a screenshot in the new post on how you are configuring dynamic context value to the offset parameter in the API.

Yoga Ramya