What are the new features released in 6.2.4 version

(Abhijit Naik) #1

Please list out the new features of 6.2.4 w.r.t 6.2.2.

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

Hi @abhijitna ,
As part of 6.2.4, we worked mostly on performance and squashing a few bugs. Below are the enhancements which went as part of this release.

Batch Testing - The report has been modified

  • To differentiate the intents whether published or configured, under the Task State column.
  • Batch testing will be run against the latest copies of the task, can be either configured or published.

128 bit random number generation in UUID format

  • Function Name: randomNumber128Bit
  • Usage: Using the function in a script node of a dialog to generate the random number. The usage is as follows.

"context.randomNum = randomNumber128Bit"

  • Sample Output in debug console under context:

"randomNum": "4cabad13-d4bb-482c-aa49-eb7fd8754c2e"

Also, features of any major release will be documented on the developer portal @