Welcome Task settings. The Fallback Task does not work in my Task settings

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Welcome Task settings. The Fallback Task does not work in my Task settings.

I set it up as shown in the image above,
but the Fallback Task does not proceed and only the welcome task proceeds and stops. I wonder if this is correct.

The default setting of a bot is to start with the Welcome Task. This task is designed to greet the user and prompt for an input such as “How can I help you today?”. When the user provides an utterance, the bot will execute the specific Dialog Task that has been trained to respond to the utterance. The Fallback Task is typically used when the utterance does not match (Intent Not Identified) any trained Dialog Task. In the Fallback Task, the user is prompted to try again with a different utterance.

Here is the default Fallback Task message:

The bot will wait for a new utterance and attempt to match the intent to a Dialog Task.

내가 대체 작업이라고 표시한 것은 상기 설정에 있는 small talk과 FAQ 그리고 Task 입니다.
모두 실행할 수 밖에 없도록 설정하였는데 불구하고 Welcome Task만 실행됩니다.
당신이 캡쳐 해준 것과 같이 당연히 Fallback도 설정되어있지만 자동으로 실행 안됩니다.

Can you please share a screen capture showing “talk to Bot” and debug?

Help me understand what you are typing into the bot and what response you are receiving. It would also be helpful to see your dialog flow, so that I can see the design.

Since the welcome event only appears once per limit, it is not possible to view it for debugging through Talk To Bot.
I’m sorry if I wrote the welcome event and the task in a confusing way.

However, you can show it by trying URL redirect with Web Channel.
In the above settings, if there is an FAQ, the Welcome Task is performed after responding to the FAQ, but this is not actually true. You must enter the following input once more to receive a response.