Welcome and OnConnect events


Can I use the Welcome event and OnConnect event at the same time? In my case , it looks like the welcome event is not triggered when a user logs in for the very first time. It always trigger the OnConnect event.

Here are some screenshots of my setup. The Welcome event should send a message informing the capabilities of the bot. The OnConnect event sends a “Hello” message.

Event - Both Welcome and OnConnect are enabled.



Here’s what happens everytime the user opens the chat. The OnConnect is triggered even when a user logs in the first time

When the user sends his/her first message, the Welcome event is also not triggered.

Hi @pastapareo,
First of all, we can use both the Welcome event and the OnConnect event at the same time but the Welcome event will be shown only once per user. You need to check with multiple users to check the Welcome event.
I tried with a sample bot and enabled the Web/Mobile client channel to and enabled the Welcome Event to it and published the bot. In the chatbox, I typed a greeting message as Good morning and I got the reply as Hi and the welcome event has triggered and I can see the message “How can I help you”, you can refer the screenshot below



Later I refreshed the page of chatbox and I tried with same greeting message as the good morning but this time I got reply as only Hi


you can use onConnect event for a welcome message, which will be triggered on every connect invariable of user.

for more information kindly refer to the below link

Sunil Kumar.J