Webhook type Alert Task - how to find the task endpoint URL

As mentioned in the Alert Task online help, how can I know the task endpoint URL so that I can post the data to the Alert Task (webhook)

In the documentation, the webhook alert task type can provide the following
“The web application pushes data to a task URL endpoint provided by Kore.ai.”

When you set up a webhook alert and ‘Finish Set up’, just make it a point to publish the alert task once before trying to call it inside a dialog task.

My dialog setup is simple. I just call the alert task here.

To show you the URL (although it is in the context), you can simply JSON.stringify the service node response and print it.

Now when I call this hook from a client like ‘postman’,

the bot would show the message:

Next time I run the dialog, a new hook will be generated.

You may consider saving the webhook curl generated by the system in temporary storage like the data table (you can store it against the Kore user-id), and query this data from the third-party system dynamically and use it. Just a thought!

Hope this helps.