Webhook API keeps timing out

(Pedro Ferreira) #1

Bot config:
Event Handlers: all
Integration mode: Synchronous
Channel: Webhook
Enabled: Yes

JWT generation
“alg”: “HS256”,
“typ”: “JWT”

“appId”: “cs-e6604f09-44c5-5ac2-9010-5432b2242272”,
“sub”: “1”

base64UrlEncode(header) + “.” +


) [ ]secret base64 encoded

POST -> https://bots.kore.ai/chatbot/hooks/st-072236b3-4d7c-522f-95d4-fbcc41f99ffa

body / format: JSON
“message”: {
“text”: “hi”
“from”: {
“id”: “1”
“mergeIdentity”: true

Authorization:bearer eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJhcHBJZCI6ImNzLWU2NjA0ZjA5LTQ0YzUtNWFjMi05MDEwLTU0MzJiMjI0MjI3MiIsInN1YiI6IjEifQ.U1vU1yAK9wYo73lr1OlznVqJrtz3eLvQURq4G0DrAdE

"errors": [
        "msg": "The request has been timed-out",
        "code": 408


(Swagat) #2

Hello @pedro.ferreira Hope you have published the web hook channel.

(Pedro Ferreira) #3

yes, i did

(Swagat) #4

@pedro.ferreira can you please raise a support ticket providing all information as you shared?
https://support.kore.ai (use bot builder credentials)

(Swagat) #5

@pedro.ferreira It seems bot kit you have configured is not responding. Please disable botkit and check.

(Pedro Ferreira) #6

worked from both FAQ`s and tasks, thanks

(Swagat) #7

@pedro.ferreira most welcome. Glad it worked.

(Pedro Ferreira) #8

Just for finish this one.
Can you tell me why this is happening, its normal the interference, did I miss some part of the documentation that explains why the BOTKIT shouldnt be enable togheter?

(Swagat) #9

Botkit is an extended set of libraries one uses to fine tune bot behaviour. You can read more about botkit in community posts. It is between user (bot interface) and platform. It can be used to tap messages (and suppress something like abusive words, or treat certain keywords or phrases to connect to real agent etc.). If you generally enable on user message event, it will look for botkit and fail if botkit is not up. Likewise, if you enable it for on-bot-message event and botkit is not up, platform will receive request but will not be able to send back response.
If you use botkit for only webhook node etc. it should still be fine.