Vertically align KG Suggestions to be presented when definitive KG / FAQ match is not available


is there a way to vertically align KG suggestions to be presented when the definitive KG / FAQ match is not available?

I noticed that when there are 3 possible suggestions to present they are arranged vertically, while when there are more than 3 they are arranged horizontally. Is there any way to avoid this behavior?

This is an example of the horizontal view.

Unfortunately, the horizontal view creates problems.

Thank you in advance.

Hello, is there anyone who can answer me? @swagata.sengupta
Thank you in advance

First please identify which standard response gets triggered and search for it.

Once you have located the right one, add a response and choose web channel, and use getChoices() with the button template. Refer to the usage here:

You can use any template (quick reply is usually horizontal and button template, list are vertical) as per your wish which is specific to the channel you want. Some non-Kore channels may need templates that suit the documentation of the channel.

Hi @swagata.sengupta ,

Thanks for the reply.
This is the case when no Standard responses are triggered, but multiple FAQs are triggered for a dubious match of user input.

Is the solution you proposed to me adaptable to this case?

Thank you

Please try the solution. When multiple KGs are matched, the bot will not trigger all of them. They matched because the scores from the ranking and resolver NLP engine were within the threshold of low confidence level.
In this case, definitely, some standard responses will be triggered (Please read this for some more informaiton on how standard responses work). You will just need to override it to show the options the way you would like it to.

Hello @swagata.sengupta ,

It seems to work.

I thank you infinitely

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Hello @swagata.sengupta ,

I have another doubt. How can I identify the Standard Response if when I try to insert a FAQ in the debug only INFO: Multiple intents identified comes out?

May I request you to add more details, screenshots and create a new topic? This question seems different from the topic here.