Using History from Context variable object

Hi Team,
I am trying to get the history of intents and messages that has been transitioned until the current node. I tried using context.history but it gives length as 0.
For example if there is a main dialog task, then it goes to a sub intent1, calls a service1, prints a message1.
I want to have the path that has been traversed. (Dialog task1, subintent1, service1, message1)
Is there any other way to get this information?

Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance

Hi @viswanathan,

We understand from the above that you would like to see the conversation flow of the bot.
Is it for developer report purpose? or would you like to use data in the dialog conversation?

Please let us know your complete requirement to proceed further.

Yoga Ramya

Hi @yogaramya.mendu,

I would like to get that particular node and the path that it had traversed until now [eg. Dialog task1, subintent1, service1] . In case, there is a server error or unsuccessful api call, then I would like to collect this path and the data that is returned from the service in a log table. I request you to please guide me on how to achieve this.


Hi @viswanathan,

Please refer to the following link and let us know if this helps.

Yoga Ramya