Usersession is not able to hold the value for a given time

(Abhijit Naik) #1

We have User session in Chatbot, where we can store the values for a given time , it holds the value even if user session is ended,

But we are observing even we gave more than 100 hours TTL (time to live) to a session it does not hold the value for more that 1- 2 hour.

Can anyone suggest, how it can be achieved ?

(Subrahmanyam Donepudi) #2

Hi @abhijitna, If the TTL is not defined for the context variable of type UserSession or BotUserSession, the variable would last for 30 mins . If the TTL is set defined for the variable of these context types, the variable should be present for the specified time.

To test the same, I have created a UserSession variable with TTL as 200 mins (3 hrs and 20 mins). I have verified the context data for this variable after 3 hrs and 3hrs and 25 mins.

I see the variable in the context after 3 hrs and when I verified the context after 3 hr 25 mins, the variable is not longer available in the context because of TTL.