Use dialog task for FAQ response

I am using FAQ task for knowledge collection response and noticing that in case of possible matches it’s showing “Did you mean <>” instead of FAQ primary question, I need to display the primary FAQ question to the user instead of task name, how this can be achieved? version is 8.1, appreciate any insights on this.


Ambiguity dialog only shows what is identified by the NLP engine from the utterance. If there is a clash between a dialog task and FAQ we recommend that you look for ways to fine tune the FAQ identification so that it does not result in ambiguity at the fist place.

I am looking for a solution when “Did you mean” is not showing primary question rather it shows FAQ task name and that task name is same for all the FAQs, any input or thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.

Also noticed that FAQ task name is shown for any utterances that are not part of KG as alternate questions though bot is able to recognized multiple intents as probable matches. Instead of FAQ task name I would like to display matched intent names.

There is no control on what user can ask, so how much fine tuning is done still there can be possibility of ambiguity. We have to design conversational flow keeping in mind in case of ambiguity what would be the bot response. Not sure why task name is shown instead of primary question