Universal Bots - Modular and Scalable Approach for Building Enterprise Bots

Kore.ai’s Universal Bots allow you create master bots to which one or more standard bots can be linked to. Universal Bots make your enterprise bot building experience much more flexible by facilitating a scalable, modular approach to creating bots. For example, if you were to build a bot for a bank, you can now start creating separate bots for each domain such as credit cards and loans – deriving expertise from the respective functional areas. You can then integrate them later using a universal bot to inter-operate.

  • As a creator or developer of a bot, you can add any bots to a universal bot and access their underlying tasks and functions. Universal bot executes the tasks and functions of the linked bots by routing the right utterance to the right bot.
  • Training for natural language processing will continue to happen in individual bots. However, you can test your universal’s bot intent and entity detection capabilities from the Test and Train module of the universal bot.
  • When you publish a universal bot, the end users can only access the tasks that are published in the linked bots.

You can find more differences between standard bots and universal bots here. Read more about creation of universal bots here.

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